Shaky Shoulder

The shoulder region can be a very complicating area to treat. It requires a mobile thoracic spine, motor control around the scapula and adequate rotator cuff strength. An imbalance in any of these areas can lead to a painful or shaky shoulder.

Case study

In the case study below, the client reported tightness in the left shoulder and a sensation of minimal control with overhead movement. The first two videos highlight motor control deficiencies and the 3rd video provides an insight into the functioning shoulder with 2 months of physiotherapy treatment.

Video 1

Pay close attention to the left scapula (wing bone) with both forward and sideways movements. It has a tendency to rotate upwards earlier than the right especially with sideways movement.

Video 2

4 point kneeling: in a more dynamic weight bearing movement, the medial border and inferior angle of the left scapula is much more prominent (i.e. it pops out more!!!!!)

Video 3

Note: not 100% perfect, but scapula movement is starting to look more symmetrical. Client also reported no pain in the shoulder, with no shaking when doing an overhead shoulder press.

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